Tips for Buying your first Car

Buying your first car? Top Tips for buying your first car by Delamere Motors Have you been saving your pennies in the hope of cashing them in to purchase a car? Chances are if this is you then you’ll have worked hard for your money and will be wanting to make sure you get the [...]

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5 Signs your car needs a service

Delamere Motors – 5 signs you need a car service Most manufacturers would recommend that you get your car serviced annually, to prevent the need for major repairs, dust or dirt affecting the system and make sure all the necessary fluid levels are topped up properly! It’s not required by law, like your MOT test, but [...]

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How to check your car tyres correctly

Delamere Motors – Tyres How to check your car tyres correctly There are a number of things we have to do to keep our cars running like clockwork, from filling it up with petrol to getting its annual MOT done, it’s all part of a process. But one thing that is often overlooked is checking [...]

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