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At Delamere Motors, we offer full, interim and major car servicing for all makes and models of vehicle. We work with your current vehicle’s service history and manufacturer specifications. In addition to our own experience working with different models, at Delamere Motors, we make sure that your car gets the service needed to keep it running smoothly at all time.

Regular servicing on any make of vehicle ensures that no major repairs are needed at times when it’s least expected. Fluid and lubricant levels are topped up and inspections are made within the system. Our team will remove any dirt or damage that’s been caused whilst you’ve been on the road. We’ll also check for wear and tear, which is a common occurrence when travelling regularly. Examining your vehicle’s service history allows us to determine when certain car parts have been replaced in the past. For example, if you’ve had new tyres within the last year, but they seem to be wearing unevenly, it can indicate a wheel alignment problem. We’re able to spot the problems that aren’t necessarily obvious on the first look.

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Manufacturer approved car servicing

During your service with Delamere Motors, we examine each core part of your vehicle. We provide interim, full or major services to coincide with your service history and model of vehicle. That way, we can provide you with the essential checks suited to your mileage. In addition to this, we’ll check your manufacturer’s service guide to make sure you’re getting replacement parts when needed.

Our team here at Delamere Motors have all been trained to carry out your car servicing on all makes and models of vehicle. We’re passionate about cars and work with our customers to make sure we’re providing the right services for you. In other words, we aim for high levels of customer service in the Telford area, whilst remaining affordable.

The latest diagnostic equipment

The equipment we use in our garage is the latest technology providing a high-quality and accurate output. This ensures that we can conduct each of our services to the highest standards, providing efficient and accurate van or car servicing. Not only do we ensure you get the best quality servicing, but we also tailor it specifically to your car.

For the highest quality car servicing in Halesfield and the Telford area, get in touch with Delamere Motors today. You can book online easily using our booking tool, or contact our team at Delamere Motors for access to friendly advice on your motor servicing and repairs.

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