Quality tyre replacement, fitting and puncture repairs in Halesfield, Telford

At Delamere Motors, we provide tyre replacement, inspections and puncture repairs for customers in the Telford area. We provide quality tyres for all makes and models of vehicles. Our team aims to repair tyres where we can to keep costs as low as we can for customers. Buying tyres can be expensive, so during all our van or car repairs, MOTs or servicing we’ll always recommend or mention when tyre tread is becoming low. This is so that our customers have a chance to plan or budget for new tyres. We provide a range of branded tyres to suit any budget, so you can pick quality tyres that suit you.

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Quality Tyres

Based in Halesfield, our Telford garage can source and supply quality tyres for your vehicle no matter what make or model. Not only are our tyres all quality brands and materials, but we will also fit them with expert precision. Whilst your new tyres are being fitted, we’ll check wheel alignment and balancing too. We make sure that you’re getting the right tyres for your car and budget. In addition to this, we will work to manufacturer’s specifications so your car drives and handles safely.

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Tyre replacements suited to your car

Over time, your tyres can wear down and this can result in a higher braking speed and a lower overall grip in general. We’ll inspect tyre wear and tread before recommending replacements. In circumstances where a tyre change is the only option, we’ll contact you first. This is not only to make sure you’re happy with it but also so you get the tyres you need.

If you would like to find out more about our tyres or if you think that you need your tyres replacing then let us know. You can book online or contact us directly for information. We are here to be at your assistance and we are always here to make sure you get an unbeatable service.

Puncture repairs and wheel alignment

At Delamere Motors, we provide puncture repairs and wheel alignment testing at our Telford garage. Our workshop is fully equipped to provide accurate laser wheel alignment and puncture repairs too. Your safety is integral to our business. That’s why we make sure we follow manufacturer specifications as well as getting our experienced mechanics to fit and repair your tyres. Laser wheel alignment ensures your car is fixed with accuracy. It can help to avoid new tyres that aren’t necessary. Wheel alignment also ensures that your car handles as it should. We will also repair a puncture where we can, but we’ll make sure we look at the puncture to see where it is. However, if a replacement tyre is needed we’ll let you know. We want to make sure you stay safe on the roads, so we make sure we’ll get quality work done for your car.

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Book online today for tyre puncture repairs, wheel alignment or new tyres. If you just need to check your tyres are roadworthy before a long journey or an MOT test, you can book a visual inspection online. We can let you know how close your tyres are to the 1.6mm minimum tread. We’re available during working hours for friendly advice and professional guidance on all your car and tyre repairs.

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