3 winter preparation tips

Winter is one of our favourite times of the year, you can sing cheesy Christmas songs at the top of your lungs in your car, you can grab a Christmas coffee to drink during your road trips and most of us are going to get extra days off work! What isn’t to like? We can [...]

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This is how Brexit could affect the motor industry

Ahhh Brexit, the cringey, embarrassing and rather confusing political conundrum of the century. While it’s still too early to see if it’s a good or bad thing for the UK we can definitely tell you about what could potentially happen to the industry when it all goes down. So, Article 50 is triggered but what [...]

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Female Motor Bloggers Taking Over!

This is how women are taking over the motor industry Ten years ago, the job titles ‘social media influencer’ and ‘blogger’ didn’t exist but in 2017 it’s the preferred source of information. People trust other people’s opinions more than they trust marketing ploys, which is understandable. If you can relate to someone, chances are you’ll [...]

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4 essential summer car checks

Simple car checks you can do this summer to keep your car on the road Every summer we make plans for holidays and days out with the preferred mode of transport being our cars. With our cars being used more often for longer trips in the summer we’re at a higher risk of breaking down. [...]

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How to avoid driving when tired

A complete guide to the dangers of driving when tired It’s not hard to realise that driving when you're tired can be dangerous. It can be particularly stressful at different times of the year, for instance at Christmas, during the school holidays or when you’re going to visit people. But despite all of this it’s [...]

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What happens after a failed MOT?

Is there a possibility that cars can remain on the road after failing an MOT? Delamere Motors – guide to an MOT fail It’s important that drivers understand the significance of their MOT test. It is primarily designed to ensure your vehicle is safe to be on the road. Every car must pass an MOT [...]

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